Dancing for women in San Valentine’s Day

One Billion Rising flashmob, in Brussels, 14 February 2013. © Encarni Barrionuevo

Couple observes One Billion Rising flashmob at Place de la Monnaie, Brussels, 14.02.13.
© Encarni Barrionuevo

27 February 2013 / This year San Valentine’s Day was not only the day devoted to love, but the occasion to dance for a world without violence against women and girls. One Billion Rising global campaign invited women, men, activists and artists to dance, strike, play or perform on 14 February as a response to gender-based violence.

In Brussels, people gathered at Place de La Monnaie to participate in a flashmob organised by One Billion Rising Brussels Europe Platform and the European Women’s Lobby. Read more

Nobel goes to the EU amid division, austerity and protests

Demonstration in Brussels. Photo of archive: Jérôme Van Den Brande

26 November 2012 / After the European Union (EU) has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2012, many have questionedwhether the EU deserves the Prize. Pro-Europeans have interpreted it as recognition for achieving the unique world’s supranational union of states in peace and an encouragement to face current difficulties amid the worst financial crisis known in the Union. Meanwhile, Eurosceptics see the award as “a joke” undermining the credibility of the Nobel Peace Prize itself and not reflecting the current European reality. Read more

Lanslevillard: meet the mountain, reach the sky

© Encarni Barrionuevo

19 October 2012 / Going into the middle of La Vanoise (France) is a spectacle: green majestic mountains arise. Even in summer some mountains’ peaks remain covered by a pure-white snow which is either in contrast with the blue sky or mixed with the clouds, forcing you to guess where the mountains end.

The road starts its zig-zag to bring you into valleys surrendered by a powerful nature. Despite the sickness, you cannot prevent your eyes from enjoying such a magnificent demonstration. Read more

Brocantes: a ‘nostalgic way’ to recycle

© Encarni Barrionuevo

12 September 2012 / Brussels, BELGIUM / Brocantes are the best recycling system in Belgium. It takes the form of a street-market where people sell whatever kind of objects they do not need anymore. The principle is: for sellers, to recover some of the invested during life time selling belongings for a little amount of money; and, for buyers, to get second-hand objects at a good price.

At brocantes, anyone can either be a seller or a shopper. The fees for booking a stand are fixed by the organizers and vary depending on the city or neighbourhood where the street-market is held. Read more

Journalists: forced to work for free?


24 July 2012 / It is typical of the Spanish process to become a journalist to do internships during the university studies. Academics highly recommend it to students in order to gain experience which, they say, will be determinant to find a job. And, students almost beg to work for free; nothing matter since they actually believe that this accumulation of (non-paid) work experiences will be useful in a very competitive labour market.

Journalism students still do not realise that unpaid job experiences far from providing them a job are going to be in its detrimental. Read more



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